Amsterdam Typography is a project by Arno Verweij that explores Amsterdam through the lens of typography.

One or more photographs of typography are published on this website every day. The collection currently contains 1811 photographs documenting typography in public and semi public spaces in Amsterdam since 2019.

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The project sprung from an interest in the typical typography from Amsterdam and was started on Twitter inspired by the Twitter account Berlin Typography of Jesse Simon.

The photographed letters and numerals have been designed by many different typographers and designers unconnected to this project, who have been credited on Twitter if they were known at the time when the photo was posted.

The website is hosted green and sponsored in kind by Greenhost.

For the map, images of Kadaster, a city boundary of OpenStreetMap, and software of OpenLayers, Proj4js, and Elm-pep are used under their respective licenses. You may experience issues with the map in very old browsers.